Saturday, March 03, 2007

iPod Playlist Tag/Meme/uh ... whathaveyou

Babydog got to walk in the annual St. Paddy's Day parade, today. We entered her in the "fun dog show" before the parade. Can you believe she didn't get "best smile?" Notice she's not smiling as widely in this picture. Methinks it is not because she lost a meaningless title, but rather because Mommy and Daddy won't let her lick the candy off of the fingers of toddlers she does not know.

Sonnjea tagged me with a tag (?) today. It seems we're supposed to share the first 10 songs that come up on random on our iPods. Then tag 5 more people to play or else something bad will happen to Sonnjea's imaginary hampster. (She also has an iMaginary iPod, so those without iPods may use their iMaginations, as well.) Then I think we're supposed to let people comment on our musical taste in the comments section.

My iPod is currently without juice, but it holds my "mellow" playlist which I also have set up on our iTunes library. So, I just stuck it on shuffle and here are the first 10 songs it came up with:

1. New Slang - The Shins
2. The Writing on My Father's Hand - Dead Can Dance
3. Out of a Serpent's Egg - Dead Can Dance ... by the way, if you're gonna goth, go w/ them.
4. Don't Panic - Coldplay
5. Sundress - Ben Kweller
6. Song of the Sibil - Dead Can Dance
7. Happy Holiday Y'all - Robert Earl Keen
8. Bedshaped - Keane
9. Hitchhiker's Smile - Victoria Williams
10. Clap Along Song - Dead Can Dance

Note: I do like Dead Can Dance a lot, but I normally don't listen to more than one album at once. I think I set too wide a filter for this playlist and it populated a disproportionate amount of DCD for me.

Now, I tag the following - assuming they're reading my blog - Churchgal (whom I still owe a response to), VirginiaGal, JoeinVegas, NubianTemptres and ... hmm. Let's try Mommanator.

... as an aside, I've been told that someone commented recently on a post, but because I established comment moderation, it didn't get to me. If this is true, and not someone trying to play off the fact that no comment was left and he/she feels guilty about it, I have since disabled comment moderation. Please be kind - or at least witty with any causticity.

If you remember from my last two moan-fests, I am in a depression. However, I have been feeling very, very good for the last 3 or 4 days. And after a wonderful opening night last night, I feel great. This lucidity is a good thing, and will probably help me work through my nasties better. That said, I apologize for the toadiness of my last few posts. I know reading/hearing someone mope can get annoying.

eNjoy the iPod tag!


Sonnjea B said...

Fun list, and yes, it's true -- I've commented on your marrying in/out of your faith post AND your first improv post, and they didn't appear. I figured you were moderating me out. :( Sad for Sonnjea.

But happily, that's not the case, and even happilier, you're feeling better! Yea! and congrats on the great opening.

mommanator said...

I also commented on your posts, I love em even though you are spilling your guts out sometimes. Where can you do that but on a blog!
I love the dog and WHY did he loose? he must have had the best smile cause I smiled when I saw him, I wish I could get my pooch to sit still enough to take such a great pic!
Songs! you prob wouldnt like my ipod tunes, I am ilerate putting them on there it may as well be invisable!
But I dont want sonnjea b's animal to die so here goes
EL Divo- Without You, Tell That TO my Heart
Josh Groban- So She Dances, In Her Eyes,Now or Never, Weeping
More El Divo then the rest of the Josh Groban CD
Now to your music-sorry I havent heard most of it I will have to listen harder or reset my Pandora to it!

Sean said...

hey! my birthday is may 12th too. if u have a chance then go to

Molly Malone said...

... and that is why i tried out comment moderation. i have no idea what the comment from Sean is about.

Virginia Gal said...

ha ha - feeling guilty, very funny Molly. As evidenced by people's comments above, I was not the only one whose comments got eaten up.

Your doggie is so cute!!! I think it was rigged that she didn't win the contest.

oh also as for your story below, I thought it was so sweet and made me smile because the lesson I learned from it was that despite what factors appear to be keeping you down, perservance will win and in the end you'll have your day. Good things do happen, though the process might not be the easiest.

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