Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just when I think things are getting better ...

I met with the last prof who needed to comment on my thesis, this afternoon. My other two professors have commented and their adjustments are relatively simple to fix. I thought today's meeting would be about an hour long. It was three hours long. He basically took a scalpel to it.

This is due, with all signatures in two and a half weeks. But really, it's due in 10 days, because I'll be out that last week.

The good news is that he knows it's unrealistic and unreasonable that I would be able to implement all the changes he suggested. Also good news is that it won't require any new research. In fact all his feedback was excellent, however daunting. I just wish I'd gotten it a week or two earlier, as I had originally sent this to him over three weeks ago! His request is that I "do what I can." And that is what I will do.

In the meantime, I've still got travel adjustments to make for our upcoming trip. I've got a movie review to write for my friend's rapidly growing blog. I've got medical appointments to line up. I've just been named logistics goddess at work for a project that's about to vomit all over us in the coming weeks. I've got articles to proofread and somewhere in the mix: sleep to get. I'm really writing complaining about this to get my juices flowing so that I can begin to tackle the beast in earnest yet again. Okay ... let's try this one more time.

Cutter! Come bandage the scrape above Molly's eye and blot her bloody lip. Alright Molly, round 5 now. What did Mama say? Mama said knock you out! I'm gonna knock you out!


Darla D said...

Ooh, that is infuriating! That's good that at least he doesn't expect a massive revision.

I'd be happy to take on the proofreading for you this month - that will be at least one thing off your plate.

JoeinVegas said...

No new research, so it's all sitting at the computer editing? Sounds like you are almost there.

Sonnjea B said...

You can do it... and then you have your trip to take your mind off the whole crazy thing when it's done.

Knock 'em out!

mommanator said...

well he didn't call for a total revision, change a few things and give it back will he remember? LOL

Molly Malone said...

mommanator: he will remember. but he's also realistic, so i still think it'll be all good. just 7 more days. just 7 more days. 7 grueling more days which will no doubt be a strain on Honey and me, but if we weathered the month of March, we can weather 7 more days!
sonnjea: i fully intend to drink like gangbusters the week following!
joe: i am almost there. always. almost. there. this begins to feel like Bugs in the Sahara chasing the oasis mirages! but i DO think i see palm trees!
darla: THANKS!!