Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Second Coming of My Screen Goddess

Honey and I just spent this lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon and evening watching movies. It was great. Finally got to see The Queen. Helen Mirren is wonderful and as if I wasn't already happy that such a talented (and non-20something cutie) actress got the Oscar this year, having seen her performance, I think it was a hands-down win.

In the meantime, I know you're wondering what's up with the lush ginger mane to the left there. Well, I figured I should for once put up a picture of me. But Molly, we can't see your mug. That's right, folks. I still like a modicum of mystery in this tell-all digital world. But I included this picture because I think my hair looks nice and red, here. My hair varies throughout the year, sometimes browner, sometimes blonder, but always red somehow. (I do not color it.) And on the morning this picture was taken, it was feeling particularly like a honeyed orange-almond creme brulee.

But more importantly, I thought I'd use this homage to vanity as a segue into a discovery I made tonight. Apparently, Cate Blanchett is reprising her role as Queen Elizabeth in the upcoming Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I cannot begin to tell you how sauced I am about this! Cate Blanchett, in my estimation, is a goddess among mortal actors. And her performance as the Virgin Queen in 1998's Elizabeth was the moment I fell hopelessly and blissfully in love with her. I firmly believe that when Gwyneth Paltrow won the Oscar over her, when my goddess was nominated for her Elizabeth, what transpired was nothing short of rapacious nepotism and flagrant Hollywood thievery. If Gwynny hadn't been up against the powerhouse that is Blanchett that year, maybe the cornsilk waif should've gotten it. But she wasn't in an easy field; she was up against Cate and Cate blew Gwynny out of the water like so much dynamited trout! I really won't go into a whole lot of detail about why Elizabeth is on my top 5 list (usually at the top), but here are some reasons I'm looking forward to this sequel:

* Wicked beautiful cinematography
* More Cate in a position of authority. God, she nails that stuff!
* The return not only of Cate and Geoffery Rush, but also the original director, Shekhar Kapur. (We'll overlook The Four Feathers, Shekhar.)
* The addition of Clive Owen and Samantha Morton (woo-friggin-hoo!) They so rock, there's no way this is going to be anything but SO-LID!

To satisfy any other Cate-as-Elizabeth lust which you hopefully share, here are some photos. I'm off to bed, to dream of dead-on performances, magnificent cinematography and women who rule!


mommanator said...

First you have beautiful hair!!
I loved movie as well and can't wait till the next sequence comes to the theater! When I read it was coming I was so psyched I loved the movie.
I did like Mira in Elizabeth, but I thought the supporters just didn't make the grade. Took away from the movie for me.

Darla D said...

Welcome back! Nice picture, and congratulations on the standing o - very, very cool.

Virginia Gal said...

what I can't figure out is where this Molly pic was taken...looks like the beach?

Yes, I've heard, on more than one occassion, your diatribe on Cate and losing the Oscar, I really gotta see this movie, from just the pictures it looks like Cate is an amazing Elizabeth I.

ps - I loved the Queen as well - Helen Mirren was dead on Elizabeth II

Pearl said...

Oh, pretty hair! I tried to be a redhead for a bit, and it looked so awful that I ended up shaving my head. I think perhaps it was the combination of olive skin, black eyebrows and light brown roots that was the problem...

QueenofScots said...

I found this cool site with a great interview with Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth The Golden Age...she was super-nice to the funny interviewer...she seemed very down to earth, and real!

Click on Return of the Queen on the menu...