Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looking ahead in my family

It's ten to ten, so let's see if I can whip this out before I want to brush my teeth and hit the hay.

Honey and I went over our anticipated finances for the coming year. I'm feeling much better about the year to come. I'm making more money in my current job than in my last, and Honey has gotten the standard yearly upward bump, so we're better in the piggy than I had thought. Of course, having spent my adolescence poor as a church mouse, I have a constant fear that we could sneeze and end up destitute. Not that that can't happen, but just that I doubt it will anytime soon. Whew!

Speaking of having enough money ... my little brother is probably going to propose to his girlfriend this year. They moved in together this past summer and he'd told me before then that he was sure she was "the one." They've been talking about it between themselves and agree. So I'm happy for him. Especially since she's so much smarter and more sophisticated than his prior interests. But the money part comes in here: he wants to get her a nice ring and is being pressured into the "two-months salary" propaganda that the wicked diamond industry has been snookering love-lorn guys with for years. His girlfriend is not materialistic (despite being well off - woohoo! Way to go, Bro!), so she doesn't care if he spends 2 - 3 months salary on her ring. But I think he's also finding that even if he doesn't cave to the bullshit amounts DeBeers and company guilts men into spending, rings which are something more than a skinny band with a diamond, are higher than $2K or so - the price range I suggested he look in. Anyway, my advice to him was that he should never let money be a reason not to get married. You're going to be with the same person forever, a ring is a ring and a wedding is only one day out of a lifetime (no matter how bloody kick-ass a day it is). I hope he listens. Poor boy, though. I understand the impulse to get something really spectacular for someone you think is really spectacular. A friend of ours had his wife's ring designed, so maybe I'll ask him who he used. I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy the diamond separately and then set it in another ring.

But then that got me thinking about social pressures, and I promise to blog on that more in the future, but it is now 10:03!! And I'm trying to be a good girl and get to bed at a decent hour this year.


mommanator said...

keep an eye on the piggy and never forget your upbringing my dear Molly, it has kept me in the right frame of mind for many years!
Aren't people so materialistic!
Your brother's money would be better spent on a great downpayment for a home. A ring is a thing that us gals love, despite the pressures of others, but being practical is prob better in these days of foreclosures- EEK I sound like my parents! forgive me! But God bless your brother and his gal!
Give this to them from me-there are 3 in a marriage-the hubby, the wife and God and as long as that is kept in perspective all will continue to grow in Love with each other & they will continue thru out eternity!

JoeinVegas said...

We got married with just the wedding band, and that was her grandmother's. I gave her a big engagement ring somewhere around our 18th wedding anniversary, when we could afford it. It's not the rock that keeps you together.

Virginia Gal said...

You know when I read your post the first thought that came to my mind.."poor A****." Guess I'll always be in the girl's shoes when it comes to these situations. I feel like I should call and take her out for a drink.