Thursday, February 21, 2008


Before I get into this, I wanted to fulfill the meme that lovely Mommanator tagged me for a few weeks ago.

Here are the rules:
Pick up the nearest book
(of at least 123 pages).

Open the book to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.

The nearest book is what I'm reading, Orson Scott Card's Enchantment. Actually, I just passed page 123 last night.

"His was the only face the water could have shown her, for what other living person was linked to her by blood and love? My Itzak, my Vanya, what is happening to you?
He was dressed in the robe of a medieval monk, and behind him loomed the figure of an old man in priest's garb."

I'll tag, to do the meme next, Darla, Devinoni and if they're still reading my lazy posting-self, Koji's Kitchen, Pearl and Joe. And Virginia Gal, because I'm sure she's onto like her 6th book since reaching Denmark.

I'm still holding out hope that 2008 will be my year. It started out great, but I faced an upsetting hurdle Tuesday afternoon.

I had a minor day surgery scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. It was to last roughly half an hour. In and out, minimal invasion; I can resume my life tomorrow morning with no effects. HA! After I had been under for 45 minutes, Honey began to get suspicious. When the med student who introduced himself to us as the observer came out to retrieve Honey closer to the operation room, he knew something was wrong. Honey met with the doctor. Oops! Clearly, I'm conscious and fine now, but basically, the knock on wood, 2% chance that something would go wrong in this simple day surgery did. And the doctor ended up having to re-open the incision in my belly from my emergency surgery in December. I'm all sewn up and healing now. And my energy level is better than it was two days after my last surgery - maybe because it was just different, even though it's the same incision.

But, boy am I mad. I don't really fault the doctor. I understand what happened and why this had to get invasive. But the one thing that I've been looking forward to most has now been delayed from me for a while. When I came to, I remember asking the nurses like three or four times if it was Tuesday. They told me it was. Then one, making sure I knew when I was said, "And George Bush is still president." I groaned. "Can I go back to sleep? Can you just wake me up in January?" The laughed. I give myself mad props for being able to make coherent jokes mere moments out of anesthesia, while still groggy and confused as hell. Then the doctor then entered my line of sight. "Molly, I'm sorry, you're going to have to stay overnight. And you're not going to get to go to rehearsal tomorrow night." I immediately started bawling. The nurses were worried that I was in pain and surrounded me checking on me, asking if I wanted drugs. I didn't care about the pain. Heck, it only felt like world's worst ab workout. I couldn't go to rehearsal!!

When the doctor's office told me when they wanted to schedule this - the day before rehearsals for my show began again - I checked with him that I should be able to go to rehearsal the next night. Like each time I talked to him, I checked. As long as it's not too strenuous - major dancing, etc - I should be fine. And so long as this was a 1/2 hour day surgery, that would've been the case. Luckily, he felt completely awful about it. I think he knows I'm more traumatized by that than by the need for and execution of the surgery itself. So, I missed last night's rehearsal and will probably have to miss the first show next week; maybe also the second. It kind of depends on my doctor's orders and how well and quickly I'm healing.

If possible, I'm going to sit in on next week's rehearsals, and be in the audience for opening night. I'm emailing work to have them send me phone numbers for calls I've been needing to make, but for which work keeps getting in the way. Don't worry, though. I won't spend more than an hour on it. And if it requires me getting out of bed, I probably won't do it at all! This week, I'm basically not going to leave the house, cook, do laundry or anything. I want as full a recovery as I can have in 7 days. I want to win over my body this year. I'm tired of losing!


JoeinVegas said...

Well, does this mean being waited on hand and foot for a week? (hope he agreed before hand). Have to get yourself a little bell to ring when you want something.

mommanator said...

loved your meme!
Sorry about the surgery many good vibes your way, praying for a quick recovery, but give yourself a little time!
what are you rehearsing for? a play, musical what exactly. sounds intriquing-brag a little!

Darla D said...

Thanks for the meme tag - looks like fun! And you looked great today - you will be singing and dancing in no time (you'd better be, or you'll let your biggest fans down!) :-D Hang in there. Let us know when you want to come over for dinner (we'll share the wealth on the hand-and-foot waiting on thing).

mommanator said...

I hope you got your laptop back to recover with! tv is such a drag! and noone can read all day! but I am sure you must have some lovely cd's you can rest with!

Virginia Gal said...

rock on about winning over your body - mind over matter!!!

I wish I was around right now, I could totally help out around the house : )

Darla D said...

Hey - I finally posted my meme! took me long enough. :-)