Monday, March 17, 2008

Three Beautiful Things

1. Finding a siamese mushroom among the mushrooms I bought at the store, Saturday.

2. Reconnecting with an old friend on LinkedIn and discovering she lives in my metro area and meeting up with her for dinner tonight. Also: finding that even after having not seen each other, nor having corresponded with each other for 9 years, we still had enough commonality to make the evening enjoyable and to want to go out again, soon!

3. Recognizing that I was being hit on - or at least sniffed out - with my girlfriend tonight. And when one of the guys asked something to the effect of, "why don't you hang out with us?" I answered, "I think I need to spend some time tonight at home. With my husband." It felt good. And my girlfriend later was like, "yeah, you shut him out." Yea, me!


mommanator said...

I never saw anyone get excited about a mushroom before! Especially enough to take pictures of it. and BEAUTIFUL?
I love reconnecting with old friends!It usually is so much fun remeniscing! And you go girl- what does hubby say about that, but we know he knows you are beautiful!

Virginia Gal said...

Rock on about being sniffed out!

Pearl said...

Good work being hit on and administering a stylish rebuff, lady! And I think your mushroom is beautiful. I occasionally get all excited about how lovely pots of food look and have to take pictures of them.