Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ho-ly Shiesse: does it always suck?

So I just started watching Macy's Parade. I guess in the last 10 years or so, i haven't really watched it from beginning to end. I kind of drift in late, catch a few balloons or really cheese-filled ballads being sung by TV stars from the bough of a float shaped like a happy pilgrim on meth. So maybe I shouldn't be so freaked out, but I was; by the opening number "We Give Thanks Today" as performed by the 10 trillion kids from Camp Broadway. The kiddoes were all dressed up in mock-footie pajamas or itchy-looking nightgowns that your mother made you wear until you were 11.

A few thoughts as I watched this:

- my knee-jerk non-PC high school reaction, "this is SO gay"
- wait a second, no, "this is SO straight" because no self-respecting gay person would abuse children with this crappy song, but suburban moms eat this shit up, as do the dads, though they'd never admit to it
- holy crap those kids' faces must be sore from all that smiling
- I would have given my eye-teeth to be anyone of those brats when I was 10.

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Virginia Gal said...

I'd be jealous at 10 also, and want to be one of those kids!