Tuesday, December 27, 2005

An open letter to my imaginary, solitary reader, Niamh

Dear Niamh,

Merry Christmas! I know you think my greeting is belated, but I don't care how finnicky you are about a specific date, Christmas doesn't end until Epiphany. Until I wake up on January 7, I consider myself in the season of Christmas.

I hope this winter finds you and your box turtle, Dame Edna doing well. Have you found her a friend, yet? There is a pretty dog named Bruno at the Grinshill Animal Rescue right now. He apparently isn't good around other dogs or cats, but so long as you keep Dame Edna in her terrarium, I'm sure she'll be fine. Plus, he looks like a spirited fellow; I'm sure the two of you would give each other a good run for your monies! Or perhaps you could home Gromit. I know you'd been thinking of a rabbit, as well. AND you have a larger garden than your neighbors, so maybe you could give him a decent size pen to play in. But never mind me. I only want everyone to have menageries because as hard work as animalitos are, they're so good for your health.

Most all is well on the western front. My honey and I are on holiday with the family in more temperate climes, this season. Much as I like to think Christmas must be cold, if not snowy, I have to admit I'm enjoying the respite in the short-sleeved weather. We saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on Christmas day. I loved it. The child who played Edmund was great. I felt more drawn to him in the movie than in the book. Plus, I felt like the movie did a better job of creating dramatic tension than the book did. My only criticism is that there were perhaps two too many pregnant pauses. At one point - and I can't tell which - I remember thinking, wow, didn't they just have a "dramatic moment?" Maybe we could vary it up a little bit more? Christmas day was otherwise quiet.

Anyway, Niamh, have a great week. Don't let the chaps at the pub rib you too much about the jumper your daughter bought for you. They're simply jealous!


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