Sunday, July 09, 2006


I'm sure none of you out there (all two of you including my dear, concoted pal, Niamh) missed me much in the last 31 days. Sorry for the radio silence. If I haven't been moving in at home, I've been moving at work. It seems like this is the summer of packing tape. And when I wasn't moving somewhere I was hosting someone. Most notably my parents who came up for my 30th birthday.

So, to cap, in the last month, I've moved at home, moved at work, turned 30 and passed the 5th anniversary of my participation in the time honored institution of marriage.

Honey and I went to Disneyworld this last week to celebrate our 65th Birthdayversary. (We both turned 30 this spring and had our 5th wedding anniversary this summer, hence birthdayversary.) That's also where we went for our honeymoon. I love Disneyworld. If you wanna just chill by the pool or play golf or do nothing, you can. If you want a sugar rush and cheese-ass entertainment, you've got that, too. If you want to just zip around on adrenaline (ie, rollercoasters), you can do that, too. AND they've got buonissimo restaurants and fireworks almost everynight. You can't go wrong. ... except we learned it's probably best not to go in July. Too crowded. We've gone before in February - crowds fine, but too chilly to swim - and in May. May was perfect: not too crowded; weather still warm enough for the water parks.

We hadn't been back since early 2002, and it seemed enough had changed to make it "new" but still enough had remained the same to make it familiar. "Pirates of the Carribean," my heretofore least favorite ride had been improved upon, enough to make me actually like it. They've added an animatronic Depp as Sparrow throughout the ride, as well as Davy Jones greeting you as you enter the tunnel. "Space Mountain," the ride I'm most ambivalent about, has unfortunately not been improved upon. It desperately needs a facelift. The damned dorky 1970s bad scifi set has got to go. I much loved the one in Paris better.

There's much to catch up on, I'm sure. But that's the best nugget so far. Sorry to all 2 of my minions for being off the charts lately!

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Virginia Gal said...

You're back!!! Oh come on you know that cheesy 1970's space stuff gives Space Mountain its ambiance (sp), hee hee.

You'll have to fill us in on how was the fourth of July in the house of mouse.