Sunday, January 28, 2007

What's Molly Dreaming Now?

I have always had strange, evocative dreams. To me, they're just dreams, but when I explain them to other people, they tend to cock their heads to one side, raise and eyebrow and walk slowly away backwards, so I'm assuming that means the dreams are strange. Quite often themes and locations repeat in my dreams: tornados, alien invasions, my small nowheretown; but just as often - more probably - they're just strange cinematic quilts.

Tonight I think I should start a series: "What's Molly Dreaming Now?" Whenever I have a particularly vivid or bizarre dream, I'll post as much of it as I can remember and I'll let you, the readers tell me what you think it means. I will also include a little background on what I think some elements were inspired by and you may feel free to agree with me, or come up with something entirely different.

Here goes:
~Dream January 27, 2007~
I have just stepped out of some building that serves a public service. A school, a church center, a community recreation building, something. I step into the courtyard. The place is teeming with people. They're all wearing bright colors, period, professional or cultural costumes or otherwise funky fashions. The courtyard is huge: easily half a football field and the building - a deep red brick color, four or five stories high - encompasses the whole courtyard. (though i suppose that goes without saying.) It's probably summertime or late spring. People are dressed loosely. It's pleasantly warm outside; 80 degrees at least. No breeze, but no humidity, either. It's about 4:30 or 5PM, but because I'm inside the courtyard surrounded by the walls of the huge building, it feels like twilight.

For some reason, I think I'm wearing a pinstriped Edwardian era day dress, along the lines of what darling Kate wore boarding the fated ship in Titanic. But mine was less suit like and more regular waisted and breezy, if that makes any sense. If the sun is setting in the west, then I enter the courtyard from the southeast corner. I believe I'm looking for someone, or at least I feel deeply compelled to consult with someone. I can't recall if I was told to seek someone or not. The courtyard is just teeming with people - they're all content. I think I'm content, but tinged with malaise about something.

A woman comes up to me. She is molto pregnant and wears a two piece beach garment. (I don't want to call it a swimsuit, because it may be a skirt or something on the bottom; I pay more attention to her belly and her prescence than her bottom.) She is black and her hair is short, kept in stubby, springy baby dreads. She smiles alot and is pretty darn comforting to be around. I'm mostly at ease, but I'm still unsure. What if she's not the one I'm supposed to consult? What if her consultation leads me awry? Her outfit is burgundy and on the left side of her bikini top are a cluster of tiny sea shells that run from just above her breast up an inch or two up the strap of her halter. The sea shells are also at her hip. She is very pretty, but more than that, she's captivating and magnetic. She knows she is the one I am supposed to confer with and as soon as I see her, I accept that she is the one I'm meant to meet. We trade greetings, but before we can go any further, something is happening on the northeast corner of the courtyard.

A massive space ship - probably an acre at the base - that looks like the tip of a giant bullet is preparing to blast off. I'm a bit concerned that maybe we should clear the area, but say nothing. I know that this ship is important to us for some reason and I'm as excited as anyone about its departure. Then a crane next to the ship, which ostensibly assists the ship, swings its arm out in front of it and dangling from the arm are a quartet of tall, limp men. They hang from some support under their armpits. They seem to be unconscious and quadruplets at that. They wear blue pin-striped pants, and button-down tops. Everything about them is a pale wash of blue, from their hair - long and natty - to their shoes. They look like a cross between the scary twins from the Matrix sequels and the 5th Element from the 5th Element. It becomes apparent that these men are essential the liftoff sequence for the ship, but I don't really know exactly why. I don't know if they're strapped to the outside or what. And I infer from the woman beside me that sacrificing them is both evil and necessary and that they are equally good and evil and that there was some question about whether they really volunteered for the liftoff.

When I look back, the ship is roaring off the launchpad. No sign of the blue guys. I'm filled with fear and awe and hope. This launch is very important for some reason. The ship produces no smoke, but rather burns clear fumes, lots of them, like what you'd see on a really hot day in Phoenix. It slowly climbs into the sky and leaves a white vapor trail. The sun has begun to set.

Other random items not part of the "plot," but there viscerally: a younger friend with whom I trade emails once every 6 - 18 months, whom I have not seen in 10 years and who is doing well in his industry and for and about whom I am very proud; Tony Danza; the year 2003 and feeling bad about that year until I started recounting to someone in the dream the trips to Europe I took that year.

The only item from life I can think of that may have inspired this dream, or one part of it: we watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica last night that we had been hanging onto for a month in which the diaspora-ed humans, starving to death, had to go to a planet covered in algae to find food.

What do y'all think?
Have fun!


Sonnjea B said...

Wow. I know nothing about dreams, but it seems like it MUST have some sort of meaning. Poor limp men!

Virginia Gal said...

I think you need to get more sleep, hee hee.

Molly Malone said...

well ... to sleep, perchance to dream!

JoeinVegas said...

Wow, I am impressed, both at the details in the dream and your ability to remember them.
But now you have us hooked - where was the ship going? What were you discussing? who - why - ???
Next episode please.

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