Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Useful Things I Have Found at my New Job

Specifically, useful things I have found in my desk drawer or the drawer of the front desk where I am normally relegated to in other jobs but not this one!

1. O.B. tampons. I don't use OB, because I like to have a slightly more formal relationship with my vagina during the days we don't speak to one another. However, in an emergency, I might open up that line of communication if I had to.

2. A guide to praying the Rosary. I am not Catholic, and my prayers tend to be free-form and non-regimented. However, I suspect this guide could give me something to discuss with the Pope if we were ever trapped in an elevator together and a conversation about condom distribution in 3rd world countries turned out to be a non-starter.

3. Dirty U Clean Cotton body lotion. It looks like something from Bath and Body Works that I wouldn't spend the $12 for but for which I would pine and mooch off of fellow coworkers if they had it. Most immediately helpful item so far. As our highs the last week have been reaching up to the mid-20s, my little manos are chapped like crazy. Thanks Dirty U for softening my knuckles back up!

What treasures have you found left behind from other people?


mommanator said...

Normally not any,I am a clean freak at work, but have been on disability for 6 weeks now and went by the office to deliver something and found my desk all askew! Even the desk drawer I left locked(which I cant find the key for)was not locked. I cleaned my entire desk with wipeems, fixed all the pens pencils Etc, Then said to myself ,nobody better had touch it before I get back! But alas- its a governmental desk and I am retiring in 2 months, SO let it GO

JoeinVegas said...

Hmm, you use the stuff like this that people leave behind?

Sonnjea B said...

The last time I took over a job, I found all the desk drawers, floor and flat surfaces littered with millions of used staples. Evidently, this woman would pull the staples out of EVERYTHING and then leave the bent, disfigured little guys lying wherever they fell.

When I left the job, I left behind a jumbo-sized bottle of Tums. Much more useful than dead staples, all things considered.

Virginia Gal said...

Push pins to tack up my pic's of my honey, a certain figure of royalty...I'll let you guess who, hee hee.