Saturday, February 10, 2007

yadda, yadda, red wine random ramblings yadda

This will be a rather yammering blog. I've little of import to say (do I really ever?) and I'm drinking an uninspired Shiraz right now and will probably switch to rum and Coke soon. This reminds me of a funny moment relayed to me by a friend in college.

Rob, a guy with whom I went to college, was at a party with random and assundry people. He was (maybe still is) a non-drinker. He was having pleasant conversation with a drunk girl - mostly pleasant because, as was his wont, he was endlessly amused by the intoxication of others. At some point, she slurs the request to him, "Hey, can you get me a cum and roke?" And Rob, because he is wise, witty and hilarious, thinks for a second and replies, "well, I'm not sure about the roke ..." ... and that my friends is where to end the good story.

Things are looking up at my new job. Three weeks in, still at the bottom of the food chain, but now becoming more of a "team player." While I'm expected to clear a lot of the administrative backlog, I've also been recruited to help write the proposal for a multi-layered project that's been dropped in our laps with about a week's prep. The topic of the project is extremely uninteresting to me, and I know proposal writing is kind of like eating cold oatmeal. Nonetheless, I'm very excited because I'm writing for work!! My dream is to write the creative ends of work, soon, but for now, I'm psyched to be hashing out the perfunctory ends. Tomorrow, I'll dedicate a few hours to the proposal - which, since I'll be uninterrupted, unlike I am at work, I may actually finish in a few hours - and a few more to plunking away at my thesis.

Yesterday in my post, I included a picture of a cat napping between some be-denimed knees. My brief apologies to those who thought it was my cat. I forget that now I own a digital camera (one of the last households to get one; even behind my Flintstone parents) thus, so far, the only picture of my actual animal family online is that of BabyDog on my post-Christmas post. BabyDog is the Corgi in that one. I googled the phrase "cat napping in lap" or some variation thereof and grabbed one of the first pictures I saw. It does just so happen, however, that the cat pictured does, in fact, strikingly resemble CootyCat. The resemblance is so uncanny that Honey actually thought it was CootyCat. So, way to go, random stranger on Flickr: you've duped the daddy of a kitty cat!

It was highly satisfying to read that I made Sonnjea laugh. I wasn't sure I constructed that joke well, so I'm glad it flew. Yea!

A vacation I've been wanting to take for at least 9 or 10 years now is a week out to far west Texas, where I used to live. With graduation coming up soon, and friends and family in the Lone Star state starting to have babies more and our grandparents aging and ailing more (Grandpa has some surger coming up in March), I've fantasized that flying out to DFW or Houston and driving around the state would be a great summer vacation for a week and a half or so. Honey is averse to road trips, but I was raised on them. Unfortunately, I don't have the behind-the-wheel stamina that I had as a teen or younger adult. So we'll have to see. Nonetheless, Mom called today offering hers or Dad's car if we decide to pursue that route. That would mean flying into Houston, and borrowing their car to drive 4 hours up to DFW to visit our DFW gang, then 3 hrs back to Austin to visit our Austin friends and another hour to San Antonio to visit our San Antonio family and then another 8 to 10 hours west to far West Texas to visit my old stomping grounds where I need to make my spiritual peace. The 3 and 4 hour trips are nothing. Honey and I both have made those drives solo many times. It's the 8 to 10 hour drive west I'm concerned about. We've not done a trip like that in about 3 years. And even then, I was so unused to it that Honey did most of the driving. It's really unfair. When I was 18 I could've done that length with my eyes closed, solo. If we visit our Texas kin this year en state, it will probably end up being a triangle visit (DFW, Houston, Austin/SanAntonio). A trip far west takes so much time that if we ever get to do it, it will probably be years from now. For now, I think it may stay just a fantasy. ... especially since a good friend is talking about taking a joint trip to Disney World; and Honey and I are always up for a trip to see the Mouse. You've got to tend to your inner child, you know?

Funny: when I was growing up , Disney World was so geographically and financially beyond our means that a trip there seemed completely unattainable. It was far easier to drive 10 or 12 hours to Santa Fe, NM to drop $300; or 3 or 4 hours to Chihuahua, Mexico to drop $150. Nowadays, we are so airportically linked that Disney is far more attainable than say, the ruins of Bandelier, NM. The latter is too far beyond our geography and vacation clock. It makes me sad.

... now, off to the Cuba Libre! (Sonnjea, stick with what works for you. If you do decide you need to switch to rum, I recommend Capt. Morgan's Private Stock or some other Puerto Rican good stuff. Think of it as an investment into your future. Pay a little more to inspire your muse a little more!)


Sonnjea B said...

Okay, having been burned by the cute cat picture, I've learned my lesson and am going to assume the photo of the caves is not one you took of your back yard.

And thanks for the rum advice! That's what I love about blogs -- they're full of useful information, unlike work or school or the news.

Virginia Gal said...

Are you going with Super J down to Disney?