Monday, April 27, 2009

Back and tired

I should probably do a fuller post, but I have to be into work early today and I'm tired this morning, so I'm not thinking in full sentences.

We are back from Hawaii. The highlights were a couple of stunning and challenging hikes - one on Oahu and one on Kauai - and a helicopter tour of Kauai. The lowlights were an all-day rain on Kauai followed by food poisoning on my part which resulted in two days stuck in a hotel room. The rainy day was okay, because we just hung out inside and read, watched movies and created a project for ourselves. The food poisoning day majorly sucked for obvious reasons, but also because we had planned on spending the sick day exploring the south and west side of the island. Those plans were condensed to the final day.

I'm still recovering from jet lag. I normally don't have this much trouble, but I normally also travel forward in time - ie, east - and return from that. Hawaii was the furthest back in time I'd ever traveled and then returned from. They're six hours behind us. Honey reminded me that we've been to Hong Kong, but as that's across the international date line, technically, that's moving forward in time as well. The westward flying cancels out the forward time travel, in my opinion. But then again, maybe I'm just getting older. Alack-a-day!

Anyway, until I have a proper post, I thought I'd leave you with a photo or two from our time there.

(Some of the feral cocks and chickens that are all over Kauai. I mean all over. ... and yes, I loved saying "feral cocks" while we were there.)

(Diamond Head Crater and Honolulu, viewed from the head of the Hawaii Loa Trail.)


Virginia Gal said...

I am now even more jealous!!

mommanator said...

SO glad you are safely back, even if tired!
feral cocks- must fit that into conversation one day!