Friday, January 06, 2006

"Christian" ... "leader" once again embarassment to those who follow Christ

Happy Epiphany! According to Christian tradition, this is the day the wise men arrived to find the Baby Jesus. It's also know as the 12th day of Christmas, and my favorite title: el dia de los tres reyes. This day is called Epiphany because it is recognized as the day when Jesus made his public debut of sorts; when the rest of the world (not just Mary, Joe and the livestock) knew of God's being with us in the flesh. It's kind of like the Junteenth of the messianic arrival.

How ironic is it then that on this day of being awakened to the light of God With Us, that one who claims to minister in the name of Christ then speaks with such a dark tongue?

I'm no real fan of Sharon; until the past year he's seemed like a bully to me. But if God smites left and right according to semitic land rights and school board elections, then I'm sure God smites according to smaller chicaneries and pompouseries too. (Ouch! I just got a sharp pain in my left arm! That must be punishment for reading Lamb.) I'm wondering what "God's wrath" on Pat Robertson will be. Frankly, I suspect arrogance - especially arrogance in the name of God - is ultimately its own cosmic detriment.

Now to call the DMV about a bill ... ugh, there's wrath all on its own!


Virginia Gal said...

I think Pat has officially lost it. Really they need to take him off the air, he is getting senile!

Not with a bang but a whimper said...

Isn't Christmas, for all practical purposes, a borrowed Pagan ritual wrapped in Christian terms in order to appease converts? If so, perhaps this is appropriate. Regardless of what you think of God and Jesus, it's a bit hard to take anything with the label "Christian" seriously after how far it's strayed from the teachings of the Bible.

Or maybe I've been spending too much time doing Bible study with the Jehova Witnesses.