Monday, January 23, 2006

Randomn Acts

Yeah, I know I misspelled (sic?) random. And I really don't care. Anyhow, this weekend, a group of folks participating in an event hosted by New York's Improv Everywhere were arrested - or was it just "shut down" - by the cops during their annual pantsless subway ride. Too bad. You see, one person riding on a subway pantsless is creepy. One hundred people riding pantsless on the subway is absolutely hysterical. I first heard of this group on This American Life, this summer. I don't know that all of their acts are in great taste, and I really don't care. But what I do love is the idea of creating the unexpected - usually the wonderful and unexpected - in a world where we're all jaded. I'm not sure which act I like best, so far, the Shark Attacks on UNC campus in 2001, or the U2 knockoff, last Spring. Here's a clip from my favorite part of that bit. (note: you'll need Quicktime and if you're at work, put in your headphones.) God love the angry Irish!

In the meantime, I'm proud of myself for having predicted that Superbowl XL would pit the Steelers against the Seahawks. Granted, I made that prediction with only 4 teams to go (a week before the final 2 playoff games), but hey, I still coulda' been wrong. Woohoo, me!

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Virginia Gal said...

oh I think pleasant surprises that make us smile or laugh are always welcome in life!