Friday, March 10, 2006

What is this tagging business?

I visited Virginia Gal's blog the other day and she had some brief survey of herself which she then said she had "tagged" me with. However, she never sent me a note saying as much so I probably wouldn't have known it had I not visited her blog. So, I suppose it's really she who has a tag and it is up to me to visit her tag to see if my name is on it. Oh, well so here goes, I suppose:

1. If, when walking along a sidewalk, I feel like one foot has led stepping over cracks too much, I'll change my stride so that the other foot gets the chance to lead.

2. Sausage pizza grosses me out.

3. I love the non-elastic skin and tawny liver spots on old peoples' hands - especially my mother's and grandmother's.

4. I wish I had a singular passion in life - other than loving my family - that people could look at and say, "oh yeah, Molly loves to do this more than anything." Y'know, something that identifies me in a way; separates me from the background noise of all the other boring, middle class white folks in America.

5. I worry everyone I know and/or love secretly believes I'm incompetent, a dullard and just generally uninteresting and overrated.

I don't know if I'm supposed to "tag" others. I don't think many people read this. But I'll just list some folks whom I think might respond or about whom I'd be interested in reading 5 random things. Nubiantemptres43, VegasJoe, Fotographic Overlord, churchgal and any reader named Niamh: you're it!

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