Thursday, March 02, 2006

Molly makes the train

It's taking me a while to get used to my new work schedule and commute. I'm enjoying what I do enough that staying past 6 doesn't feel like a punishment at all. In fact, I like it. But the best bus to get me home leaves directly at 6:15, a few blocks from my office. I worry that I looked like a hustle-butt this evening. I don't want to give the impression at my new job that I'm a clock watcher. (I've had clock-watching jobs, and this is not one of them!) But, by the same token, I'd like to make my bus, and get home in time to have a few quality minutes with my man and my dog. I'm sure I'll find a rythm, soon. Plus, in a few weeks, when things really kick into gear, I know I'll be putting in a LOT of late nights. Though I hope we have our act together enough that those nights are not frequent. I ended up having to take the subway for about 4 or 5 stops. Thanks for the iPod tip, JoeinVegas. I plugged in and let Michael Stipe and the boys serenade me away from the cloying tunnels. Of course, it did help that I didn't get on a train before 6:30, so the rush hour crowd had thinned out sufficiently. But we'll just be proud of myself for being so comfortable on the cluttered train, tonight.

In the meantime ... Happy Texas Independence Day to my Lone Star friends and family.
Pop open a Shiner, if you're so inclined, or a Dr Pepper, if you're Baptist and drink up to the old republic! In honor of the holiday, I'll do a brief list of some of my favorite things about Texas:
- carbonated beverages are all called "cokes" regardless of brand
- home of the longest school bus route in the US
- Robert Earl Keene, Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, Tommy Lee Jones, Mike Judge, Richard Linklater, the Hank Hill family
- Dell, NASA, Whole Foods Market, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines
- geology ranging from desert mountain to piney woods, to sandy beaches to grain-bearing plains
- George W Bush wasn't actually born there (YEA!)
- Austin public schools derive 30% of their electricty from wind power, making them one of the 25 most environmentally energy conscientious businesses or organizations in the U.S. according to some group or other
- dancing the Cotton Eyed Joe at weddings and school dances. And that ain't bull-shit!

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JoeinVegas said...

Sorry, W was governor. (might be better than Arnie though).

Didn't John Wayne die at the Alamo?