Sunday, March 12, 2006

yyeeeah, thanks ... but you're scary.

I had a show last night. Considering I hadn't practiced or performed in about 3 weeks, I think it went very well. (I probably needed the break to shake me out of a rut.) Anyway, after the show, an audience member and his girlfriend approach me. He had a sort of young Christopher Lloyd "Reverend Jim" from Taxi vibe about him. His swedish beauty barbie girlfriend just stood silently while he ranted to me. He wanted to know about my performance style, inspirations, educational background yadda, yadda and he thought I was really great and had a certain je ne se quois (sic) (and not his words) that set me apart from my cohorts onstage. I thanked him for his interest, explained that it's really late, and it's after a show and I'm really living in a sudafed haze right now, so ... and it basically takes a while to get rid of him.

I'm of two minds. One, I'm ALWAYS flattered and very humbled when an audience member enjoys a performance of mine. Compliments are always appreciated. So I'm particularly flattered that this guy thought so much of my performance that he waited around until after most of the audience had left. AND that he thought I was talented enough that I should pursue this as a career.

On the other hand, it was pretty clear that he was in some chemically altered state, and that has to make me question the sincerity of his compliment, for one. But for another, it really made him not terribly pleasant to banter with. Granted, I'm not that great at banter with strangers whenever they're the ones who initiate. (Hmm. That's something I just realized as I typed it. I should probably ponder that sometime and work on it.) However, this guy kind of wavering and reaching for words - and insisting I incoporate something he specifically prefers into an act - really, really made me wish a more sane person had granted me kudos. Does that make me an ingrate?

Thanks for the compliment, man! Now, please: go sleep it off!


Not with a bang but a whimper said...

Man, see, if I were you I'd have said "Look, I don't really know what you're talking about or particularly care. But let me tell you how it is: I'm going to take your trophy wife for a spin and I'll drop her off in the morning. Capiche?"

I generally take compliments with a grain of salt unless they are from people that I respect. Some random stranger off the street who likes my photography, for instance, is nice but it doesn't actually mean a whole lot.

Virginia Gal said...

I think you handled it with aplomb! Compliments are always nice and he didn't have to say anything, no?

As for your banter, I think you're a pro at small talk, Mary Baldwin would be proud!