Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mental Dusting

I had just finished writing a long post once again bemoaning the White House and expressing befuddlement at the Middle East. But I felt that would be better for my personal journal, so I placed it there.

So, copying Clare, via JoeinVegas, I decided to list three things I find beautiful. It reminds me of a therapist I had once who had me keep lists of reliable sources of pleasure, so I could go back to those whenever the anxiety got too much. Life really is good, if you just stop and let it be.

1. Finding articles like this; that this guy is out there. If people feel like they need religious permission to enjoy sex with their spouse, then please, preach hot sex! Though I'm sure I'd disagree with his religious understanding a lot, especially seeing as how this guy hangs with the Robertsons and Fallwells and is a homophobic literalist, I have to appreciate his current campaign. It breaks my heart to think that there are people who have guilt during marital sex with their spouse whom presumably they love. Clearly his flock needs some shepherding. Keep it up!

2. Waking up in a bed not my own, but feeling just as safe and comfortable.

3. Knowing that puppagirl is probably sleeping next to Honey in my abscence this weekend.

1 comment:

Clare said...

Hi Molly,

Thanks for 3BTing -- long may you continue.

I'm enjoying your blog -- you've got a way with words.