Sunday, September 17, 2006

Niamh, you're spreading the word!

I'm very excited this morning. While in the shower, I pondered what 3 things of beauty I'd share, today. Then, I saw that Clare had left me a comment. Cool! My good friend Niamh must be proseltyzing for me across the pond from his Shropshirean hovel. Thanks, pal. (And thanks Clare for letting me hop onto your idea. I'll add you to my list of bloggies.)

Yesterday was Dad's suprise party, and I got to see some family whom I don't see often enough. As this is Texas, we went out for Mexican food. Mom and I had cabrito for the first time in years. (Huzzah!) And the cake was tres leches. Much like Mom's and very soppy. Mmm. Way better than the tres leches cake I had at the Cuban restaurant in Florida a few months back. I really missed Honey, though. I enjoy time with my family, but I enjoy it so much more when he's with us. It's cool, though. I'll just kiss him even more when I get home, tonight!

I have to get ready for church and for the airport after that, so I'll try to be brief with my three beautiful things.

1. Dad in the restaurant sombrero while the waitstaff serenaded him. He looked like a giant four year old. He blew out his candles well! :)

2. My cousins's daughter. She's so amiable and sweet. And her consonant cluster production at 22 months was really impressive. Likewise, her "r" sound is solid. As a linguistics student, I geek out on these things.

3. My cousin's basset hound. The floppy way she'd run to me when I called her. And the way she'd bray gently when I'd scratch around her ears. What a silly, happy dog!

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