Saturday, September 30, 2006

Seasons Change

I lent this book a few years back to a friend of mine with whom I have now unfortunately lost touch. Perhaps I'll get another copy and read it again, soon.

I read this book about three or four years ago. I liked it, but thought I would appreciate it more deeply when I was older.

I have reached a period where I suspect there are aspects of this novel which would resonate more loudly with me, now than they did a few years ago. The aspects and characters with which and with whom I suspect I would identify now are not the ones I suspected with which I would have identified when I first read this book a few year ago. But that's life, right?

... and all it took was a picture to remind me.

1 comment:

Virginia Gal said...

It was a good book, I agree.

I like your bunny picture : )