Sunday, December 17, 2006

3 Things that did me good.

I haven't done a reflection on 3 items that warmed my ticker recently, so I thought I'd do one, today.

1. Auditioning by invite-only for a show I was really, really interested in. Having a great time at the audition, expecting at best a call-back. And then getting cast! Woohoo! I can't wait for the run, next Spring.

2. Having a blast at some friends' annual holiday party. Despite the guy who thought that by telling me he was straight at this mostly gay-attended party, that was some means of picking me up - I was probably somewhat entertained by his drunken awkwardness - I had a great time. (I will never understand why men assume that engaging in sociable conversation is actually "hitting on" a woman and not just enjoying a good conversation.) More than that, though, is the pleasure of knowing that Honey is not a jealous man and trusts I can stave off propositions on my own. (Though it helps I'm apparently oblivious to men making passes.) I gather some men are insecure - and he's not one of them. I also appreciate that when they talked, Honey was sympathetic to the guy's own awkwardness - he wasn't sure what to make of his first mostly gay-populated party. I really like that he can see people's vulnerabilities that I can't, often.

3. Finding hilarious parody stuff like this on YouTube. Damn, I love that website!


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Was this Honey's annual work holiday party?