Saturday, December 16, 2006

Behind the Curve

... in so many ways. This past week has been crazy. If you're visiting this site and wondering why i haven't commented on yours lately, it's because i've been verbally remiss. i've probably popped in and checked out your blog, but haven't had enough active brain cells to comment. for that, i apologize. in the meantime, here's a video on YouTube that apparently everyone else in the world has known about for months, but which i just discovered via a coworker, Wednesday. it makes me smile and makes my heart happy. i hope you like it!

(incidentally, i haven't figured out how to actually put youtube vids up on my blog, like some folks have. if you know how, please share. i feel like a luddite not knowing how to do this)

1 comment:

Sonnjea B said...

what a fun video! Thanks for the post and the smile!