Friday, December 29, 2006

Faithful till the end

That is my goal for the last three days of the year: to faithfully post and browse each day. How's that for a resolution?

Christmas at my in-laws' was pretty good. To the left there is a picture of Babydog and her Pug cousin playing. They played in the middle of the living room, in front of the Christmas Tree the whole time we were unwrapping presents. Occasionally, they'd take it to the foyer or the kitchen, but mostly they enjoyed tussling in the center of everything. It irritated my brother-in-law who kept trying to break it up, but Honey and I quite liked it. They know where the pack is and where the fun is, so why should they not get their party on where we were getting our party on? Later they tussled under the dining room table where we were playing Texas Hold 'Em. It's hard to keep a poker face with grumbling fur tickling your feet.

In the meantime, I had a job interview yesterday afternoon. I was ambivalent going in and only slightly less so coming out.
THE PROS: seems like a relaxed environment; they prefer to pay freelance; it would be a slight raise with the prospect of more raises more quickly than with my current employer; though I'd start off in yet another admin-ish position (howl of pain), it seems they prefer to promote people on quickly to bigger and better things according tor their talents; as it is in my part of the city, my commute would probably be cut by 2/3 meaning I might actually be able to get home before 7PM on weeknights.
THE CONS: the position is kind of vaguely defined right now, though Honey thinks that's actually a pro; I know someone who freelanced with this company briefly and had a very negative taste in his mouth afterward, specifically because of the hostile attitude of one of the superiors - though I don't think I'd report to him; it's not the exact direction I want to go with my career - it's more of a side-exploration into another more bread-and-butter part of this industry for me; there may be no contract, the position would be indefinite and Molly, after three months in any position begins to get too comfortable.

I guess my two big concerns are: is that one guy really a hostile guy and can I really promote pretty quickly? And the latter is as dependent on me as it is on them. I could make a point to make sure to make myself available to someone each day or week until someone put me in a position I'm wanting more. As well, I could accept the job on a 3 month basis, say, as a test run. As for the hostile guy, I've dealt with hostility before and there's always the possibility that he's just a jerk who feels the need to do some piss-testing and all I'd need to do is learn when to appease him and when to stand him down.

My current job ends in a couple of weeks. I guess I'm also holding out hope that some really great project will pop up with my current employer in the next few weeks for which they'd like to give me a new contract with a different position. My current employer is less on the bread-and-butter end of the business, but they're on the end I'm more personally interested in. When I get back to work Tuesday, I'll feel them out and let them know I have an offer I need to move one way or another on by Thursday.

Sorry to ramble on about my employment woes. ... If you've made it this far, why don't you ponder this? President Ford died Tuesday. I'm as apathetic to his passing as I was to his life. Does that make me a bad person, an unconcerned citizen? Talk amongst yourselves!


JoeinVegas said...

I don't know - they always make these old politicians into heros, when they didn't get reelected (or elected to begin with) and basically dissappeared for twenty years.

Deep Sea said...

Hi, am a first time visiter, found your blog through a link at Clare's 3BT.
Good post re the dogs, I'm looking forward to seeing my parents' dog, after a long time, and he goes as crazy as everyone else, when I walk in with my luggage; AND follows me around, stumbling all over my feet, the whole time I am there! Nice!

Best, DN
p.s. good luck with the emp. decisions and season's greetings

Sonnjea B said...

One thought about the hostile guy - he may have been hostile to the person you know for some reason, like a personality clash or whatever, which doesn't necessarily mean he'd be hostile to you.

But if the current job is more to your liking, I'd press them and see if there's any way to stay.

Good luck & Happy New Year!!