Friday, April 20, 2007

So THAT'S where they went!

A few months ago, I added comment moderation because I was getting too many comments advertising penis enhancers, anonymous anal sex and Nintendo Wiis. As I am quite happy with the "equipment" I am already privy to and I am quite happy with the very nonymous sex that I get, and we recently already bought a Wii, I decided I could do without the magnanimous offerings of strangers who decide to pad their comments with spaces and random characters. Perhaps they will find a more receptive audience elsewhere.

But when I enabled comment moderation, the comments seemed to disappear, or would only randomly appear. This morning however, in the "new blogger" which requires I sign in with a gmail account, I discovered I had a dozen comments to sift through in my comment moderation holding pen. So I did. Some date back two months. I have added all but one - the one that was advertising anal sex with a Nintendo Wii controller that had been slathered with penis enhancing cream. Frankly, hot as that sounds, I didn't feel it necessary to include in the chorus.

It was nice reading the comments. Particularly ones that were posted near the lowest point of my recent emotional crisis. Even if you didn't know that's what was going on, or if that was not what you were commenting on, the observations really kind of retroactively sustain me if that makes any sense. ... actually, screw "sense:" this is life and life is largely a hilarious exercise in absurdity in so many ways.

All that is to say: if you've commented in the last few months and haven't seen the comments in the comment field, forgive me. It has been corrected. Huzzah! (And the villagers rejoiced!)


JoeinVegas said...

Are you really really sure that you don't want another WII? And that the 'a' can stay that way?
I thought those kinds of ads just came in my email.

mommanator said...

Well fortunately I haven't had those yet and would resort to my comments before posting also. Why to pervs have to be everywhere?