Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apply palm to forehead, forcefully. Utter, "d'oh!"

I love it when people do particularly obvious boneheaded things. It's hilarious. I also love it when the boneheaded thing took years to plan and accomplish and went undetected for decades. Such is the case with a cluster of buildings at the Coronado Naval Base which from the sky, clearly resemble a swastika. Here, take a looksee:

What I love about this is that the Navy claims that no one noticed this for forty years. The buildings were built in the 60s and until the advent of Google Earth, it slipped everyone's notice. I have to think this is bullshit. I worked at an architect's office for about a year and from what I remember about blueprints, you get to see buildings from all angles; top view included. Even if that slipped their purview, it seems like someone would've noticed something on a fly-over. The military loves doing fly-overs in all branches of service. I'm supposed to believe that during some air show, no pilot ever looked down and said, "Holy shit, Bill, look to your left! You won't believe this!"

Frankly, I think the Navy's $600,000 investment in landscape architecture to hide the building shapes isn't going to cut it. I think we'll find eventually they're going to have to do some major remodeling. In any event, it's rather hilarious to me that 20 years after the Holocaust, the same people who fought against the bloody oppressor would have unintentionally paid homage to their evil enemy in a form as permanent as a quad of buildings.


mommanator said...

I couldn't believe this when I heard on the news either!

Virginia Gal said...

Funny - but I can't imagine that the Navy would like this, they did lose a TON of men to Nazi Germany.

Pearl said...

That is a work of (evil) genius. I bet there's an evil architect out there somewhere feeling truly stunned that it took anyone this long to notice.