Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clean out the attic

In the meantime, enough whining. In the spirit of Three Beautiful Things, here are some little things that have caught my notice as of late:

- a man in a tuxedo standing on the corner of a residential neighborhood, apparently not waiting for a bus or a ride or anything. He's holding a sign that reads: "Audition Today."
- a family on a bike ride along the trail. Hom leads the pack, Dad brings up the tail. Right in front of Dad, little brother, probably no older than 5, pedals like a madman, his knees flying up, furiously.
- tending Honey through food poisoning this weekend. Though it breaks my heart when he's ill, there's something really love-affirming about having that heartbreak. The beautiful agony of true love; of hurting when they suffer.
- seeing an occasional friend from childhood - and cousin of a dear friend from childhood - in the audience of the Emmys; feeling happy that this person's significant other won and that this person made it to the thank you speech.


mommanator said...

what a variety reading your blogs. I cant seem to think of anything to write about the past couple of days

Darla D said...

ooh, I like the new look! And the images you wrote about above. very nice.

mommanator said...

OOOLALA new color scheme- looks fall like. must have been sleeping before , didn't notice!