Thursday, May 15, 2008

D'oh! Apparently, I need to add captions

Yesterday, I mentioned that upon discovering a childhood photo of my husband, I noticed his resemblance to Thomas Sangster, the little boy who played Sam in Love Actually. I included a photo of the young actor to give you an idea of what Honey looked like as a boy. Apparently a couple of y'all thought that was a photo of my husband.
First, I laughed my ass off. Then I felt badly that I wasn't clear about the photo. Honey laughed his ass off, too and suggested I actually post the photo. Apparently he's a little less concerned about anonymity than I am. (Happy, Jordan?)
In any event, there he is, to the left, my husband at age 11. Granted, he's not Sangster's doppelganger. Sangster has very brown, very round eyes. And Honey has blue, almond shaped eyes. (Mmm - almonds. slobber, slobber.) But their impish smirks are similar, I think. And similar hair cuts. But who really cares? I just wanted to clear up the confusion. There, to the left is the boy who grew into my husband. There, to the right - if scanning the Net, looking for his photo is any indication - is a boy who is a fixation for Brit film fans and wierdo old men. (shudder.)

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Virginia Gal said...

Wow - very similar!