Monday, May 26, 2008

Mnemonic Music Memorial Day

I know I skipped last Monday. And I know I said I'd be focusing on regional music, but what can I say? I'm a flip-flopping backslider. Anyway, the only theme I could think of this week was that of songs that have been stuck in my head lately. I figured that's a pretty good topic for Memorial Day: songs that burn into your memory. If you're one who is easy to pick up on an earworm, you're welcome!

1. Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas. One of my coworkers has taken to greeting me with the phrase, "hey mama." I'm not sure why. Regardless, every time she does, I hear this song. La la la la la!

2. On the Radio - Regina Spektor. I blame Pearl for this. She began a post with the lyrics to this song the other day. Ever since then, I can't shake it. Friday night I began humming it to myself as Honey and I prepped dough for the next day's bread. Not missing a beat, he chimed in with "uh-oh!" at the right times.

3. Daughters of the Soho Riots - The National. I just love this guy's voice. The tune is sad and simple. And I'm hung not only the line with the title lyrics, but the phrase, "break my arms around the one I love."

4. With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley. Just in love with the driving rythm. I swear to goodness, I feel the breeze of the plains blowing through open car windows when I hear this song. Not hung up on the lyrics so much as just the happy strumming. Can't shake it.

5. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart - Wilco. The lyrics, "I wanna hold you in the Bible black pre-dawn" have been scrolling through my brain for over a month, now. Big earworm for me, lately. Plus I love the tinkling of the top of the piano keyboard; it's like music that comes at you from a 43 degree angle or something.

6. Shot in the Arm - Wilco. Yeah, two in a row. First of all, I love "we fell in love in the key of C ... followed me down the neck to D." I can totally see a couple of high school band or orchestra standmates who make googly eyes at eachother during rests in the music. But how great is the chorus, "something in my veins, bloodier than blood?" Hooked. Hooked, I tell you!! Plus the repetition just makes it easier for me to be this song's crack whore.

7. All These Things I've Done - The Killers. I've always liked how this song starts off and then builds and builds. Plus, again with the repetition. Easy way to get me hooked.

8. Stronger - Kanye West with Daft Punk. It seems lately that everyone around me has been speaking in multipliers of emphasis. The correct grammatical term escapes me right now. But I mean "more" words, "-er" words. And they don't just say, "let's do this better;" they speak in series: "we'll make it better, faster, stronger, bigger." And I can't help myself. This tune creeps in and I bob my head. Sometimes I even gesture with my fake "daft hands," but no one knows what I'm talking about. Well ... one did once, but in case you don't know what I'm talking about, a version (though clearly not a single-take at all) is below:

Anyway, we're on vacation, so I should probably put this puppy down and clean up for dinner with our friends. Have a great Memorial Day!


mommanator said...

thats quite the collection! I liked the first few, not the last one too much, until I clicked on the hand/fingers- now who thinks of that sort of thing and actually can do the motions to the music! color me impressed, guess I impress easily. Ya know my grandchildren play a game with their fingers called stickx which it reminded me of! In fact their teacher didn't like them playing it until she realised it was a number adding subtracting game! I cant figure it out to do, and it is only counting to five! my five yr old grandchild can do better than me!

Pearl said...

"Comparative adjective".

Love the compilation, God bless Regina. I'm now feeling a bit grumpy that Ant and I missed both the National and Wilco at a festival last year. Although we got to see Patrick Wolf and I'm from Barcelona instead, so I think we won! If you haven't listened to any Patrick, go find 'The Magic Position' RIGHT NOW. And let it do its earworm magic...