Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making me smile this morning

... that after what felt like an interminable 5 days of cold and rain and overcast and dreariness, the sun, that life-giving, bright and glorious and dynamic face of God has slipped the surly barrier of clouds to touch the face of Earth.

... seeing old grade school photos of my husband that my mother in law left him. In fifth grade he looks uncannily like the little boy from Love Actually, so innocent. By sixth grade, he's wearing a Coca Cola rugby shirt with the collar popped and his hair in a pre-Zach Morris spike, preening to be the heart-throb of his class. Adorable to "awesome." Awesome to the max.

... the cat, after several (blissful) years of ignoring us as we sleep, has decided he needs to start sleeping with us again. It doesn't hurt that since the weather has warmed up, the dog has opted for the floor. Apparently we're prime seasonal slumbering real estate.


JoeinVegas said...

At least they are alternating, better than four in bed (well, probably)

mommanator said...

Man he really does look like him!
so cute!
we havent had a bit of rain in FLA since I have been here! we really need it, but they say the rainy season starts soon- I should just wait! Maenwhile I water the plants every day

Darla D said...

What an adorable photo! Awwwww. :-)