Tuesday, February 28, 2006

how the children behave

This seems to be the mode of play these days for my dog and cat. These are not my actual pets, but the cat looks alot like my kitty, and though my dog is not nearly that big, it does seem to be her life-dream to pin the kitty down for a good slobbery nibble fest. Their bizarre friendship, which frankly I worry is rife with dominance issues - but anyone who has a herding dog knows there's going to be "type A" personality, bossiness issues - blossoms daily. We suspect in a few months, the cat will be happy enough and secure enough in his relationship with the dog to eventually join us downstairs when we watch TV on the weekends. It'll be good when he does that, too, because then doggie-girl will leave us be and not insist on barking over Jon Stewart's punchlines because she wants us to play tug with her. I'm always amazed at how she knows when it's a critical moment in the story!

In the meantime, I'll be required to have my car with me at work in a few weeks. Until then, I'm trying to find a good public transport route which will allow me to avoid subterranean commuter train traffic. I'm not the person you want to be sitting next to on the subway when it unexpectedly stops in a tunnel, or lurches, or slows. I'm the person who has to hum, breathe deeply and go to her happy place. Or barring that, make instant best friends with whoever is sitting near me. And we all know how socially unacceptable friendly conversation is in a tight space!! However, I think it has to do as much with being stuck in a "crowded-as-hell-on-Nazi-appreciation-day" car during the height of rush hour. Much as I destest car traffic, I'd rather be stuck in my own car where I have at least the illusion of control over my own destiny than smushed with my face in some stranger's armpit in a non-moving train car 100 feet underground. Even a bus in traffic is better. At least then, you can crack a window, and can see outside - so I don't feel so clausterphobic.

Ahh. If only American subway systems were like the one in Hong Kong: seriously clean, cars which were open for people to move freely, constant air flow through the cars, swift moving trains and bilingual announcements which are very clearly ennunciated. (I sometimes wonder how foreign tourists cope with our system of public announcement mumbling.) Even when it was crowded to the gills - and it's Hong Kong, so that's like 75% of the time - you never felt like a sardine! Hong Kong, how I miss you!

At least my "avoid the train" agenda is getting me to walk a lot more. Molly needs to move her buns, these days. Perhaps this'll help burn off left over Christmas fat. Is that Noelle Gras?


JoeinVegas said...

Get an Ipod and go to your happy place all the time. But not with earpieces when driving, it's nice to be able to hear the sirens.

Molly Malone said...

haha! yeah, i use an ipod when i fly and we're in turbulence. that, and crossword puzzles. maybe i should try that in the subway.