Monday, October 16, 2006

Molly's Movie Review: "Click" it off.

We rented Adam Sandler's latest mal-offering to the world of entertainment tonight, Click.

Let me recount for you the best part of the movie:
It's 25 minutes into the film. Sandler, having just learned his remote control has magical powers, confronts the wierd guy (Christopher Walken) who gave him the device. He suspects he's on some sort of prank reality show a la "Candid Camera." Michael, Sandler's character, supposes the country is having a chuckle at his expense. Walken, in his very flat Walken way says, "Nobody's laughing at you, Michael."

(now for the best part)
Honey shouts, "YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!"

I think I laughed out loud in this film a total of 3 times. That includes my laughing at Honey's adlib. And seeing as how I live to laugh, that's saying a lot.

What could have and should have been a fun new twist on It's a Wonderful Life was instead coopted into tired, standard Sandler fare of animal sex jokes and supposed hilarity derived from hearing little kids say the word "shit." Add to that the never-stellar Kate Beckinsale (I'm sorry, how did she get through Serendipity and not convince me that she was in love with John Cusack? How can you not have chemistry with Cusack?), pepper it with completely hollow dialog and sautee it all up with the script that writes itself and what you've got is 108 minutes of schlock worthy of the Hallmark channel.

Click wasn't so bad that we clicked it off, obviously. But it was just short of that dubious distinction. There were some - maybe two or three - redeeming qualities. Sean Astin for one. After teaming with Sandler in 2004's 50 First Dates, I suspect he may be on the path to being his regular foil. But he's just a good actor, period. Henry Winkler and Julie Kavner as Sandler's parents were the other good qualities. But again, they're pretty solid actors. They're good bets no matter how crappy the show.

We considered watching Click in fast forward just so we could get to the resolution a little faster. However, that seemed like it would have been too surreal for a Monday night: watching a movie about controlling life in fast forward in fast forward. Wrap your mind around that one, Paduan! Honey noted that several times you thought it would end and it didn't. "It's like Lord of the Rings! Wrap it up, Peter Jackson!" he finally yelled about 15 minutes from the real ending and smack in the middle of the supposed second ending.

My advice to those out there looking to see this: don't. If you really want to see Sandler doing something good, try Spanglish or Punch Drunk Love. Or hell, even 50 First Dates had more heart than this tripe. Save your eyes and your time. Do a crossword puzzle.

... a quick note. I included in my last post, a photo of some trees ablaze with the colorful leaves of autumn found here on the East Coast. For the record, all I did was copy that image from a website after googling different phrases about autumn foliage and east coast. (I think it came from some Virginia tourism site.) I wasn't sure if y'all thought it was one of mine, originally. I apologize if I gave that impression.


Virginia Gal said...

gasp, that isn't a picture taken by you!

I like your review of click, I'm not an Adam Sandler fan to be honest...can't believe it was even on your list of DVD's to watch? Was this a Fergie pick?

Sonnjea B said...

I was on the fence about renting Click -- afraid it would turn out exactly the way you described! Thanks for saving me the four bucks

Word Imp said...

I loved Click, but it's okay for us to disagree! I also love 50 First Dates. Thanks for your other suggested Adam Sandler offerings - I haven't seen either. I have seem some of his more dreadful work but I don't put Click in that category. I enjoyed the premise and it made us both think about our parenting and make the most of our time with the kids. I actually laughed out loud throughout Click but we were the only people in the movie theatre so I might have been overdoing it on purpose!