Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OMGs, i love BSG! ... and more TV

so i've had lots of thoughts swarming around in my head the last few weeks that i'd love to blog on: the Pope's papa faux pas; Jack Straw's concern over full-body cloaking clothing; Mark Foley and though HYlarious as it is, the real non-event that it is as well ... and of course most recently, Mr. "Oh-so-Ronery's" test of a nuclear bomb somewhere north of the DMZ. However, i also haven't had a lot of time to post about these, so hopefully i'll get a chance to ponder and wonder a little later. in the meantime, i'm going to do today's triple rave about this season's crop of television shows (thanks to Clare):

1. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - i've said it once and i'll say it again: the best damned show on television. if you're not already watching it, rent the first two seasons on DVD, get yourself caught up and then quake with wonder in front of your telelvision set. the way the writers keep the audience living in the complete moral ambiguity that is fear, war, hope, faith and life itself is absolutely awe-inspiring. (and does anyone think that Leoben pushed that little girl down the stairs or is it just Honey and me? it smells fishy! run, Starbuck, run!!)

2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - just finished watching an episode tonight. oh, Aaron Sorkin, how i missed you! The West Wing went nowhere when you left. but you ... you came back. you came back because you LOVE us! yea, Sorkin! (and as a side note, i'm totally excited for the premier of "30 Rock" tomorrow night. i adore Tina Fey and Honey is in love with her. we have high hopes!)

3. The Office - when i first saw the american take on this british import, i was unimpressed. Ricky Gervais slays me. but then it became good somewhere along the way and now it's completely great! you darling are keeping fresh and i love that about you. Michael Scott seems to be even more painfully awkward this season so far than he has been in the last two seasons. and it's awesome. but WTF? Jim flirting with the chick at his new office? damn those writers! how dare they toy with our affections like that? everyone knows that Pam and Jim are meant to be together. she bought new clothes for God's sake!

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