Sunday, October 22, 2006

those which tickled me

1. hearing Babydog yelp with unfiltered joy as she chased the sheep this morning.
2. letting Honey choose the Halloween candy tonight at Target. "But I don't think the children will really like the dark chocolate Hershey's, babe." He smiles, "Exactly!" ... and he talked me into getting Babydog a costume even though he thinks they're stupid, just becuase he knows how much I'd kick myself if i'd've passed it up. yea, Honey!
3. replacing the previous owners' (henceforth to be known as the Dundies) kitchen nook overhead drab light with a prettier warmer one. it's fun: with each minor change, this house becomes more and more ours!

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Sonnjea B said...

So "herding" from the last post meant herding sheep -- is this for fun, or to actually round up livestock?

And I always buy at least one bag of grown-up candy the trick-or-treaters will hate! Can't let it go to waste, of course...