Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ink, exercises in futility, fuzzy ambitions

Three beautiful things this Earth Day, a la Clare's blog, yet again.

1. The handstamp ink from last night's show faded into the back of my hand. The way the ink sunk into the crevices of my skin, the resulting pattern reminds me of a faded screen door, or a lesson in cross-hatch shading from 7th grade art class.

2. The mother in the grocery store yesterday with 3 children in her cart, negotiating with her son in the basket and her son hanging off the basket to stop fighting. "If you can be nice to eachother for 7 whole days, then you can pick out whatever toy gun you want. ... we'll make a chart and put it on the refrigerator so we can keep track." I couldn't hide how this cracked me up. I looked over at her and she glanced over the tops of their heads at me. We exchanged and amused look. We both know those boys can't last seven days, but we also both know that if they last at least one, she's gotten what she wanted out of the deal.

3. Dreaming last night that I was part of the Daily Show creative staff, even if the staff was completely fictional. Rob CordDETT?

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mommanator said...

Earth day- I am practising what I preach every day!