Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Monday

So I'm kinda ripping off Joe's Video Monday, except that I want to make today's post about movies I saw during the week or want to see soon, not just videos.

To begin with: a few words on a movie Honey and I saw this weekend, The Departed. There are three key aspects to this movie which (mostly) make Molly reach for whatever the hell is next in her Netflix cue, even if it's The Wedding Planner (which for the record, it never would be): the mob/organized crime as the subject, gratuitous/bloody violence and Jack (choke on your smirk) Nicholson. However, this movie was frakkin' awesome! I think I was largely drawn in by the rapid-fire dialogue, for which I'm a sucker, but the performances - even from that one-note, shriveled, squinty ho'bag - were pretty damn good. It kept me on my toes and though it's 2 1/2 hours, it flew by.

Anyway, I spent a little time yesterday on Apple's trailer site, as I am wont to do on weekend afternoons. Here are a few I found which caught my eye. Don't necessarily want to see them all, but the caught my attention.


First of all, this looks lush. A big yippee in my book. Secondly, it's fairy-tail-istic which is another yippee. I worry that this may end up suffering from the Across the Universe effect, though. That is, I really want to see it because the set and costume design seduce me, but that it ends up getting a tepid reaction from critics and audiences, so my desire is cooled, even though it may end up being the best bloody film ever. (I hear such mixed things about ATU. My biggest hesitation is that a Beatles musical ... egh ... if you don't knock it out of the park, you probably shouldn't even pick up the bat. Anyone know anything?) Also, anyone know the music playing in this trailer? I know I recognize it, but I can't recall the composer or title.


With that title, how could I not watch it? Aside from suffering the common movie malady of being a trailer that reveals too much (ooh! I'll call them trailer trollops!), this movie just looks terrible. It looks like it wants to be Very Bad Things, but will be a very bad version of it. Another tip-off that it's going to suck is that they chose to use a Don LaFontaine sound-alike. A bad sound-alike, at that. If Don himself was beyond their budget, they should've chosen to tease the trailer with clips and text. Boo. Way to make me not want to see a monkey! Bastards.


I do not want to see this. Looks contrived and silly. I'm not a huge fan of Helen Hunt, and the idea of seeing something she directed is a little less appealing to me than seeing her act. However, she's a 45 year old actress playing a woman 5 or 6 years her junior. And guess what? She's got actual wrinkles! I can't help but love her for not trying to look 25. Way to fuck the Hollywood female standard, Helen! Just seeing her looking her age makes me feel better about being a woman who looks her own age!


Virginia Gal said...

oh my God I think Jack Nickelson is a one-note also...have we had this discussion before? I simply don't get why Hollywood worships at his feet? Does he really act, to me its always Jack Nickelson playing Jack Nickelson. That's wack man.

JoeinVegas said...

Hmmm, I hadn't seen any of those or heard about them. Thanks.