Monday, April 28, 2008

Mixtape Monday

Today is all about Honey. He deserves this for several reasons today, but he had a particularly crappy weekend and his Sunday flat out sucked. So, I'm hoping he enjoys this. These are all on the theme of Honey - he either likes these songs or they make me think of him.

1. Sex Bomb - Tom Jones. He knows why it's here. You think you do, but you don't. But go ahead and think you know why ... because that's probably not far from the truth anyway.

2. Would? - Alice in Chains. Because I know he likes that Puget sound. (HA! Get it? Man, I'm good!)

3. What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie. I was averse to listening to or liking Death Cab because all I knew was that they'd had a song featured on The O.C. and their name was silly. Honey mocked me for writing off a band before I'd even heard them. (As always, he was right.) He had them on his iPod and I must've heard them in the car with him, because I changed my mind. And I think it was this song that did it for me. I like them. He won!

4. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira w/ Wyclef Jean. He likes the Columbian songstress. Plus, guess who else has honest latin hips? ;)

5. White and Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic. Who doesn't have an affection for Wierd Al? As a self-professed geek and a spouse-professed tech god, this song is appropriate for him.

6. I Wasn't Prepared - Eisley. Just a band that's gotten stuck in our heads lately - his especially. Nothing particularly significant about this song. It's just a good example of what I think draws him to them: their voices float above the crowd and hang their like mist.

7. Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley. Again, nothing significant about this song. Just a band he likes. ... except I think there is some mystery left.

8. #1 Crush - Garbage. Honey likes pretty much all of Shirley Manson's musical manifestations. This song was popular when we started dating.

9. Storybook Love - Mark Knopfler. This was the theme song to The Princess Bride, one of my most favoritest movies ever, ever, ever! And it's also just a really sweet love song.

10. Gunshots by computer - Nine Inch Nails. Honey really likes Nine Inch Nails. This song makes me think of his almost nightly habit of playing first person shooter games online with his friends. Of course, that's not really what this song is about, but this is my collection of songs that remind me of Honey, so suck it!

VIDEO BONUS. I wanted to add an 11th song (because 11 is always better, right?), but I couldn't find a decent copy to add. In addition to being smart, talented and good looking, Honey is evolutionarily superior. You see, he is a supertaster. There are at least two people - Darla D and Jordan, actually - who when told this lit up and asked, "like 'John Lee Supertaster?'" Yup. In fact, sometimes Honey quotes the song to describe his super ability. Honey is good to have around when choosing wine, but like John Lee, he cannot tolerate coffee or beer. What's a supertaster, you ask? Well ... let They Might be Giants, with the help of a fan-produced Sims video explain it to you. (I couldn't find a musician or concert video.)

Happy Monday!


mommanator said...

OMG what an eclectic bunch of songs, I loved just about all of them. And the 'ST' what a cute demo for geeks like me who didn't know what you were talking about.
You must have a lot of fun doing this! Here's one who really enjoyd it
O doesn't everyone of your age LOVE Princess Bride? I can't tell ya how many times my daughters watched it!

Virginia Gal said...

ok clearly your honey and I have different tastes, cause I don't recognize most of these songs (I recognize the names of the bands, just not the songs). But who can't shake their booty to Hips Don't Lie?!

Have fun in TX!