Monday, April 07, 2008

Organization and Orgasms

I spent all yesterday afternoon and night cleaning up the tags on my blog. I'm hoping that the tagging system makes a little more sense than it did in the past. And, if you're interested, I hope you use the tags ... maybe I'll start using yours, then. Reciprocal scratching eh? [wink, wink; nudge, nudge!]

This morning my plan was to blog on either a movie we saw last night or on the practice of blogging itself. Both of those posts will have to wait. Today, I am blatantly ripping off JoeInVegas. Of course, I blatantly rip off Three Beautiful Things all the time, but today, I don't even bother coming up with my own content. And that's because Joe's bit was right up my humor alley. So, thanks for starting my Monday off right, Joe! (still hoping i've got this video embedding business down.)


JoeInVegas said...

Geez, I saw the heading for this post and was hoping for . .

Molly Malone said...

... for an invitation to an orgy association, Joe?
sorry to disappoint! ;)

devinoni said...

Nice tags! :) Seriously, that's a good, clean list. Mine's all over the place...lots of broad categories, lots of super-specific ones. I don't want to change it because it works well for me. And Darla's is really extensive. We library people are kooks, eh?