Sunday, February 12, 2006

apparently deleting britney does no good

i tried deleting my Feb 10 post since that's when "the troubles" began. did no good. so, sans picture, here's the text again:

Here it is: Britney with baby son in lap.

She swears she did it to get her kid out of the way of the over-intrusive paparazzi. Ah, yes Britney. Yes, because a handful of creeps on foot with cameras are just as murderously dangerous as say, an enraged kodiak bear. So she HAD to act the way she did. I mean, why actually defend your child by placing your body in front of him when you can just endanger your child by driving off into busy traffic with him on your lap? Supposedly now she is rife with contrition. You can just feel that she knows the error of her ways, can't you? "It is what it is." Wow. So profound. Apparently the guy in passenger's seat is a bodyguard. Just an idea, Britney, but maybe he should be fired for incompetence. What is incompetence? It means you can't do the basics of your job: like show up for a concert on time, or lip synch accurately or choose a safe method of protecting your young.

In the meantime, I've discovered a blog - or rather one was brought to my attention - which I tried to add to my "favorite blogs" list, but as I have limited competency in the information technology world, I'm not sure it has shown up on the list. In the meantime, here's a link. If you don't laugh till you cry, you have no soul.

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