Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fun Dream Last Night

So I dreamt last night that I was in the house I lived in while I was an adolescent. There was something amiss about the carpet. Like it hadn't been laid properly, years earlier, so there was a huge lump in it. I think that stems from the episode of Mythbusters we watched last night, in which Adam and Jamie try to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa at Giants stadium. Anyway, so I leave my old house and I'm walking up the street, past a bakery, where I had to stop in and see if Keiffer Sutherland had been stuffed into a wicker basket. He had already escaped by then. (He IS Jack Bauer, you know.) So I walk on up to something resembling a high school cafeteria-meets the cosmetics section of a Whole Foods supermarket and gradually I find myself in a sketch out of Little Britain with Matt Lucas. (He's the chap on the right.) It's not a sketch I'd seen on Little Britain, but nonetheless ... I surmise that I'm supposed to purchase a sucker at a counter, but since this is England - and my dear, imaginary Niamh, I'm sure you can correct me on this - for some reason, it's really called a "sucky pop." And Matt Lucas' character is wearing a druid-style hood and has the personality of the hypnotist guy that he does in some of his sketches. He is supposed to haughtily deny me the sucky pop because I'm vaguely morally repellent or something. So we run the scene - which is completely improvised on my part, btw: remember, I didn't have a script going into the sketch, whereas Mr. Lucas did - and we depart. And as we leave, we pass a few people whom I actually do perform with on occassion and they're acting out some scene of American high school braggadaccios (sic), using finger gun shooting gestures. So then Mr. Lucas and I go into a conversation about violence in comedy and violence in America. At this point, my cat was making a lot of noise on our bed, knocking around a cellophane bow, so I woke up. It ticked me off; I really wanted to complete that conversation.

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Rip Avery said...

awesome. I'd expect nothing less from a fellow gaucho pant hater