Sunday, February 26, 2006

What's on that's good ...

I don't watch much television. Mostly on weekends, I see what we've got on TiVo. TiVo, by the way, is the best thing to happen to TV ever. For people like me who might otherwise be TV addicted, it helps us sift the crap (mostly) and prioritize. It's nice not having to fumble with video tapes or having to be a slave to a TV schedule. Anyway ... TV is a vast wasteland, but there are some oases out there. Here are some that I enjoy, in no particular order. Probably predictable, but who cares?

The Boondocks. I've always loved the comic strip, and in some ways I think I still prefer the strip to the show. However, the show is just beautifully irreverent that it makes the perfect complement to the strip. It's like the subtext of the strip is finally spoken.

The Simpsons. It has not jumped the shark. And even if it has, screw it. I likes me some shark fin soup. It still has juice.

Battlestar Galactica. I froth at the mouth. Politics, religion, terrorism, human anhiliation, sexy mutha f*ckin' robots, badass women who rule the place, Edward James Olmos, and they didn't keep that stupid kid from the miniseries. What more do you want?

American Dad. Hilarious skewer for post-9/11 American Suburbia. Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to worship at the altar of the Family Guy. But I never really got into the Family Guy. This one just does it more for me.

The Colbert Report. I didn't think he could top his point-counterpoint schtick on Daily Show, but he has. And many nights I think he eclipses he good friends at the Daily. Granted it's a different kind of satire, but thank God someone has taken on mocking the self-important. It helps me breathe.

The Daily Show. When I think back to my initial reluctance to think the show would survive the transition from Kilborn to Stewart, I hang my head in shame. The show has become so much better than it ever could be. It's kind of choppy right now with some staff changes, but it'll pull through. It has to: for me, for America, for 9-11!

Arrested Development. Okay. I know. It's gone, now. But since May isn't here yet, and that's technically the end of the TV season ... let's just pretend. Can we? Just for me?

The Office. I refused to watch it after the pilot was almost a verbatim ripoff of the British pilot. However, always the believer in redemption, I've given it another go. They've done a good job of letting it develop its own flesh on the British frame. It's genuinely laugh out loud funny.

It seems my taste in television runs towards the male-dominated, or at least toward a predominantly male audience. Either that, or there just isn't much good female-dominated programming. That's disheartening. I know you're saying, "Oh, but there's Desperate Housewives." Yeah, but I haven't been able to get into that. Perhaps that'll be my TV mission: find addictive female dominated shows ... that don't include that lisping nerve-grater Geena Davis.


Virginia Gal said...

I notice no reality shows in there - what is that about?! Come to the dark side! At least Project Runway, it is so good!
I'm glad you like the new job - don't worry overmuch about the housing situation, I think it will all work out as it should (prices are going down, no?).

JoeinVegas said...

Come on, there are hours of enjoyment of flipping through the hundred or so channels we get on Cox and finding nothing worth stopping on for more than a quick click. Then rolling through them all again. And again.

ding said...

on the bbc, there's this great show called 'green wing.' think of ER on crack.

the women on this show kick ASS. they are funny in ways that american women actors have rarely been. my roomie and i love it.